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Death is just the beginning... life... well life is just the first adventure.

Karin Man-Ray




And my world. However cliche that sounds its a world that evolves constantly in my mind and one through art and writing I now share. This website was created to host all of my creations as a whole gallery, also as a reference for myself. Wander and walk with me, drop me a message if you like via the contact page. We are now open...the adventure is served.

Algernon Charles Swinburne


If you were queen of pleasure, 
And I were king of pain,    

We'd hunt down love together, 
Pluck out his flying-feather,   And teach his feet a measure, 

    And find his mouth a rein ; 

    If you were queen of pleasure, 
And I were king of pain.

All art, photography and written works are sole owned by the artist and creator, copyright of the artist within this website.

(All artwork, writing and photos in this gallery are Copyright ©1998 - 2015 Suzy Karin Man-Ray
All rights reserved.
All the materials contained here on this website may not
be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted
or uploaded in any way without written permission of the artist.)

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